Friday, November 7, 2008

Pin-Up Girl

Here is my entry for EBeautyBlog's Pin-Up Girl Contest.


xphoebelinax said...

awww doll! you have such a gorgeous face! such flawless skin! :) what skincare routine do you do?

virus_insanity said...

I was lucky and just ended up with nice skin. I've never gotten zits (sure, I have the occasional one, and when I get them they are on the tip of my nose or the tip of my chin), even when I was a kid. I never wash my face with anything more than water in the shower (occasionally I'll use an exfoliating face wash because I'm prone to dry skin), and I don't really follow any skincare routine. But I do notice that when I wear foundation, which is few and far between, it can break me out and it drys out my skin.